About a Look…

Things sure look different, huh. Let’s talk about this new look…

I have been craving to change up the look & feel of my site. My focus is so much more on photography than a simple blog so it made sense for me to use something that highlights my photos. I do love writing down my thoughts and sharing tips/tricks, things I find cool, etc., but at the end of the day my true love is photography.

Instagram’s upcoming algorithm changes are really annoying to me. I know the same thing is on Facebook, but to me that’s a completely different platform and Instagram is about photography & shouldn’t be fed to me based on advertising or because someone has a crap ton of followers. And I’m just finding myself less & less interested in participating there most days. I don’t care about having my feed “look a certain way” and I’m not going to follow some sort of theme unless the theme is a project I’m actually producing. I’m sure I’ll post on Instagram because I’ve been a member since early 2009 and a lot of my friends & family follow me there, so I’m not totally giving it up.

But if you find yourself here, welcome. I hope you like what you see and that you visit more often, because I will be posting here a lot more. Things that have changed:

  • Obviously the focus is on photography: I’ll be posting more high resolution photos which I hope you like ☺️
  • There are a slew of new presentation styles for my photos. Click around and see what I mean. I’ve got grids, sliders, etc and everything is responsive so you will get the full experience whether you’re on your 32″ monitor, tablet or phone!
  • Social icons/links are now within the main menu and are also linked up in each Journal post in my author card (end of each post). They’re also at the footer of my site (like how they were before).
  • My About page has been updated.
  • Some areas have been renamed.
  • Portfolio section has been converted into a Gallery; this is where I’ll post projects, travel photography, best work, etc.
  • On the Journal section, there is a faint logo on the top left corner of the featured image. That’s what you click to get back to the Home page.

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. Hit me up on my new Contact page or leave a comment below. And if you want to get together and take photos – or you need some – feel free to send a message. My summer is already pretty full and Eddie and I are planning another big trip later this year, but I’m happy to make something work!

Thanks for sticking around ✌️

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