I live in Sacramento and currently work in the Handle District for a Software Development Studio as a Senior Project Manager, with an emphasis in custom, interactive solutions. With over ten years of experience in the creative and technology field, I have had the pleasure of working with some of Fortune Magazine’s most admired companies, as well as proudly holding a two-year appointment from the Office of the Governor, State of California.

But at the root of my soul, I find solace in taking photographs & travelling. I love shooting in natural light. I am always renting or buying/selling camera gear because I like challenging myself and learning new things. I live to travel. There’s nothing more amazing to me than visiting a new place and being filled with a sense of wonder (and nerves), and trying to create an experience from it. Here’s a map of all the countries I’ve visited so far!

I love experimenting with food. I find relaxation in painting. I like spending time with my friends & family. I like sour beers. Puppies – or any baby animals – make me stop in my tracks. If you were going to buy me a present, I’d want an Amazon gift card.

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