An Adventure in Hong Kong, a Trip Report

Okay. Hong Kong was a crazy trip. I’m just going throw it out there right now. You’re going to read this and think: ‘they are completely insane.’

And maybe we are. But I recently read a quote by Genevieve Gorder via Grace Bonney’s In the Company of Women and it just really has been my life statement lately:

Travel to fill your tanks. If we’re not seeing new life, we repeat ourselves. It is not a luxury — it is a necessity.

I know not everyone is able to get out and travel as often as we do, but please take advantage of any little opportunity you have to get out there and explore something other than your own backyard. You will learn more about yourself as a traveler than you ever could by reading a book or being in school. It will expand your life. You will be challenged, and it’ll actually make you appreciate what you have back home! Travel rejuvenates your spirit and recharges your batteries.

Anyway, I digress.

Back to the crazy story. A few months ago, we found a fare to Hong Kong out of San Francisco. So incredible. Like, you’d be foolish not to book. The entire roundtrip flight cost $350 per person. It has never been that cheap before. So much so that every travel expert was saying: ‘just book it and figure it out later.’ And so we did. But we didn’t really have a ton of vacation time left at work, what with all our crazy travelling 😂,  so we decided to just go for 3 days. Yes. 3 days.

The Trip

We flew Delta Airlines SFO-SEA-HKG on a fairly new Airbus A330-200. Just as how much your flight costs is very important, the airline and type of plane you’re flying on matters even more, in my humble opinion! For example, in this fare war we also saw a United Airlines fare that was a non-stop from SFO-HKG on the Queen of the Skies for only about $15 more. I mean, who doesn’t want to fly on that majestic bird?

After careful consideration, however, we went with the Airbus A330 because it was a 2-4-2 seat configuration and the Boeing bird is a 3-4-3 seat configuration. I’m so glad we chose the Airbus because it’s so much better & more comfortable to cuddle up to your honey for 14 hours versus some stranger! But even better still was that our flight was barely half-full so I ended up having a 2 seat row all to myself and Eddie had a 2 seat row all to himself!

A few people have asked about my Travel Essentials and I promise I will do a separate post soon but here’s a quick snap of me & Eddie on the plane.

An Adventure in Hong Kong, a Trip Report
Me and Eddie (left), and then me in my own row (right). Yes, I’m wearing a mask because let’s get real: planes are gross and no one wants to get sick on arrival of their holiday!

Lastly the thing that was hugely beneficial – in addition to sitting in a 2 seat config – was that we had in-seat entertainment with personal monitors AND built-in USB power. The trip to HKG was 14 hours and back to the US at 11 hours; it was really comforting knowing we could keep our gadgets charged along the way.

So we arrived to Hong Kong!

We arrived Friday night. We basically spent all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday on the ground. Flew back home Tuesday. Like I said, 3 days. Here are some highlights and then photos below!

  • Super late night wandering in Causeway Bay which was so similar to Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Japan is always #1 in my heart though.
  • We ate amazing Indian food for dinner. There is an influx of many different cultures in Hong Kong so it’s awesome that there are many food choices. We struggled a little bit with the traditional Chinese menus (I had a long list of places to eat but once we got there, everything was in Chinese and some were not super helpful so it was challenging, not going to lie).
  • Woke up from our 32nd Floor room at the Grand Hyatt to a view of Victoria Harbor. So much construction everywhere and ferry boats constantly going back & forth! Tons and tons of skyscrapers and each night there was a (kinda lame) lightshow across both sides of the harbor.
  • Wandering the streets of HKG!
  • Riding the tram up to Victoria Peak. We picked the best day — got super lucky — and the sky was the clearest it’d be all trip.
  • I did some mural hunting which is always a good time.
  • Found an amazing outdoor market and gorgeous flowers for sale!
  • Day trip to Macau — which boasts 5x the revenue of Las Vegas but I really didn’t get the hype as I’m not a huge Baccarat player.
  • Of course we found a burger joint in the District neighborhood. Super cute name of Burger Circus and it had a really American vibe — reminded me of Johnny Rocket’s a bit!
  • The District was probably my favorite part of HKG. Lots of little streets filled with cool shops, in a very, very hilly terrain. Better have good walking shoes & water for this adventure!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Stay tuned for some Christmas snaps of Hong Kong and I’m really excited to share my Travel Essentials with you soon!

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  1. Katie says:

    Christine, I loved this! Hiw did you find the fare? Donyou randomly browse different travel websites?

    1. I’ll have to do another post soon about how we score such deals 😉 stay tuned!

  2. Rachel Peigh says:

    I loved reading about your trip! I am impressed with you spending 25 hours flying for 3 days in Hong Kong but with fought costs like that, I can totally see why you did it!

    1. Thanks sister! It was a really fun adventure 🙂

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