Currently, November edition

I saw “Currently” on someone’s website and thought it’s a great idea. I probably won’t be as diligent in doing it weekly, so check back for a new update.

Book 6 of Harry Potter (Half-Blood Prince). I just finished Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) and MAN was it timely and necessary to be in the middle of that book during the election. As I’ve gotten older and re-read the HP series, I find myself disliking certain characters and feeling sorry for others… these are completely out of the norm for me. These books are timeless and sacred to me.

The latest episode of this Westworld podcast I’ve subscribed to. This show reminds me of LOST and I’m hooked.

See above. If you aren’t watching Westworld, you’re missing out! I don’t want to give any spoilers away but leave me a comment if you’re watching because I’m dying to share some of my crazy theories about the show!

Getting away this Thanksgiving. Need some quiet 1:1 time with Eddie so that we can de-stress and prepare ourselves for our last 2016 trip (hint: we’re going international again!)

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