Gratitude Awareness

Are you grateful in the present? Most people are. You say “thank you” if someone holds open a door for you or hands you that delicious cup of coffee, but what about being grateful as an overall habit? Being grateful in the “big picture” of your life?

I recently read of an experiment where gratitude was adopted as a philosophy of discipline. She set two daily reminders on her phone to prompt herself to embrace the present moment & practice gratitude.

How refreshing! As my career continues moving forward and in parallel my photography business grows, I find myself asking questions riddled with “more more more” and sometimes forget to appreciate the right now.

My life was different a year ago. I was in the process of transitioning to leave my job because I was so unhappy, I had only a couple really close friends that I could trust but was praying to find some new connections, I was still heavily grieving the loss of my Dad, my Mom had moved back to Sacramento and was re-adjusting to her new life, and my photography was still suffering from the life changes of a few years previous.

But today? What a contrast. While I miss my Dad like crazy and nothing/no one will ever fill the place in my heart for him, I feel like I’ve healed my loss. I actually left my job for 3 months, made an amazing friend at the new job, both of us quit that job, I’m BACK at my old job AND we’re still really good friends! How’s that for a roller coaster? And my photography is flourishing like crazy.

Sometimes you have to take a ballsy chance… but never forget to be grateful. Don’t forget where you came from and where life will take you.