Herringbone Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its showgirls, plethora of gaming options, intense sporting events and monolithic hotel resorts. But it’s also known for the incredible food scene… and that’s one of the main reasons we keep going back.

There are too many good places to hit up in one trip; and every other month I read about yet another amazing concept opening. Vegas just never sleeps; and so with a generous comp in hand from Aria, we made a reservation at Brian Malarkey’s latest creation: Herringbone.

You might have heard of Malarkey as the creator of another one of my favorite restaurants, Searsucker, but he’s also behind Herb & Wood, Herb & Eatery, Farmer & The Seahorse, Green Acre and he’s a regular on the Food Network, Today show and ABC’s The Taste AND he’s a doting husband and father! Busy guy!

Herringbone is described as a “Fish Meats Field” coastal cuisine with an emphasis on line-caught seafood and high-quality meats. They don’t disappoint. Everything on the menu is divine and I truly had trouble making my selections. Here’s what we had on the table:


Kiss My Bubbles (pictured): Belvedere vodka, St. Germain, simple syrup, lemon, raspberry, Prosecco. Um, this my new fav drink!

Hubby had a classic Manhattan, made with Templeton Rye.

We also tried the Your Ginger is Smashing (pictured), which is made with Virginia Black whiskey, Domaine de Canton liqueur, ginger snap, ginger syrup, lemon, mint. This drink was okay, a little too gingery for me and that’s saying a lot since I love ginger. I ended up with the Kiss My Bubbles instead which was a great consolation prize!

Herringbone drinks


Dinghy: 4 {west coast} Oysters, 1/4 lb Alaskan King Crab, 1/2 Maine Lobster, 2 Jumbo Shrimp. Do I really need to tell you how amazing these were? ☺

Burrata: La Quercia Prosciutto, Arugula, Pesto, Nectarines, Grilled Bread, Balsamico. Who doesn’t love splitting open that cheese shell and seeing that delicious cheese stream out? Pairing it with the nectarines and spicy arugula really helped elevate this dish!

Herringbone starters


True North Salmon: Pan Seared, Delta Asparagus, Yellow Tomato Sauce, Citrus Salad. Perfectly seared and full of flavor. The fish literally melts in your mouth!

Chilean Sea Bass: Grilled, Farmer’s Market Vegetables, Orange Miso Glaze. This is the real thing, labeled as MSC which demands that the “chain of custody” from boat to market be tracked thereby ensuring that the fish you are eating is sustainably caught. I totally love this about Herringbone. They are all about sustainable foods.

Herringbone mains


Death by Potatoes: Parmesan, Mascarpone, Butter, Pancetta, Scallions. So rich, so delicious. Filled with butter and cheese… topped with pancetta?! It was heaven.

Herringbone potatoes


Chocolate, sea salt & caramel tart: Chocolate Sauce, Candied Hazelnuts, Chocolate Crumble, Nutella Gelato. What a way to end the meal! This tart was so rich we could only muster a few bites. So worth it!

Herringbone dessert

There were really nice touches of nautical whimsy all over the place and their outdoor patio was beautiful. It helped that we had a late evening dinner and the weather was splendid with a nice, cool breeze in the air. Only thing I would change is I’d get rid of the TVs. I get that Vegas is an entertainment scene but perhaps have at least one corner (or the entire outside patio) without any TV distractions?

Dinner: 8/10

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