Japan, whoop whoop

Japan! Aweeee, can I just go back already?

Man, what a great trip. We got to spend over 2 weeks in one of our favorite cities in the world. Here are some more photos.

A few observations about this amazing country:

  1. Everyone queues up (lines up) for everything. It’s so efficient and polite. I feel like the Japanese are ingrained from birth to be considerate and respectful of others, and especially of nature & their surroundings. It kind of helps me understand Shinto, the ethnic religion of Japan, which focuses on ritual practices to be carried out diligently, to establish a connection between present-day Japan and its ancient past.
  1. If you’re lost, or basically whenever you’re in doubt, say “arigato goziamasu” (“thank you”) and smile… big. I found the people of Japan really appreciated the fact that Eddie and I did some homework before our trip by learning some Japanese. I was frequently praised for my “very good Japanese” but let’s be real: I can’t really conversate to save my life. I just smiled & did my best… and the people there could see it. Plus they love hearing you speak Japanese and they love even more to practice their English with you!
  1. Every time I asked a local if I could take their photo, I was met with surprise & laughter… and then a perfect pose and smile. I was totally enchanted!
  1. The Japanese rail system (and especially Tokyo Metro) is so clean and always always always on time. If the Shinkansen is arriving at 14:24… be ready because it seriously will show up at 14:24.
  1. The bidet is the greatest invention ever. So much so that we purchased one (and the second one is on the way) for our bathroom(s) at home! Why are Americans so afraid of the bidet?! Please read this article and consider purchasing one… they’re amazing AND great for the environment.
  1. Not everything shrimp-flavored is good ?

Do you have any places on your “wanderlust wishlist”? Post me a comment below and let me know!

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  1. Kristyn says:

    Love these pics!! Thanks for sharing. A lot can be learned from the people of Japan. Japan is definitely on my list to go back. I also want to go to Iceland and Sweden in the next year or two!

    1. You will LOVE Iceland. It’s the most magical, mysterious place I’ve been. Please go!
      Sweden is fabulous too. If you decide to go to either, let me know and I’ll send you goodies via email.

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