New York City

Just got word that we’ll be back in New York NEXT WEEK (this time for business). I cannot wait to experience fall in the city!

I feel so blessed that we’ve been on many fun adventures lately. We’ve got quite a few more coming up before the end of the year and we’re planning two big trips (and of course a ton of smaller ones) for 2016 already. I love living life with Eddie; we both work our bums off and it’s incredibly satisfying to come home to our amazing little house that we’ve renovated and then spreading our wings & taking adventures together.

New York City / Highlights

  • Riding bikes through Central Park
  • Seeing the Tribute in Light in person
  • Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Meeting up with an old friend in Brooklyn — I haven’t seen her in over 10 years!
  • Eating at David Chang’s Fuku+
  • Drinking a La Diabla (inside joke in the Ballisty family & was an excellent spin on my favorite Moscow Mule)
  • Seeing an Alice in Wonderland exhibit (for free!) at the Morgan Library
  • Celebrating our two-year anniversary at this amazing restaurant with excellent service & a private conversation post-dinner with the chef


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