Trip Planning with Instagram

Here are my top 3 tips on how to use Instagram to plan your trip!

I follow these tips myself; for our upcoming trip to Hong Kong, we booked flights on an insanely amazing fare and knew we could figure out the rest later. I knew nothing “touristy” about the city other than the history of the territory – well and of course that Hong Kong has amazing food and wonderful people – but after digging in via Instagram I now know exactly where all the hot spots are, what photos I must capture (and what hashtags to use!) and which awesome places I must eat at!

Follow relevant Instagram accounts

When I’m planning a trip, I immediately start following locals of the area as well as tourism board accounts like @VisitSeattle or our own fair city’s @VisitSacramento. Many of these accounts give you a real-life glimpse into the city you’re visiting and they often repost local’s photos that share insight about food, music, art festivals and more so it’s really authentic.

Pro tip ➡  If you’re really comfortable using Instagram and all its features, you won’t have any trouble finding the local influencers of your destination. Following influencers provides an awesome view into the city you’re visiting; and it might also help related accounts to notice you in an effort to have you follow them. It’s all about community!

Look up geotags

Clicking the location on a cool photo allows you to see where the photo was taken but it also will produce a feed of all the other Instagrammers out there that have taken a photo at that same location! Maybe you can take a better perspective or maybe their photos will open your eyes to something even more magical? You can also see the location in your phone’s Maps app by tapping the pin that appears and select “Open in Maps” – this is super useful if you need to find a cross street or landmark to help you find your way!

Pro tip ➡  Save the photo’s location in your Maps for later when you’re exploring in real time! Many apps allow you to save or bookmark locations. You should see my Google Maps account. I have bookmarks saved worldwide. Nice thing about those maps apps, too, is that you can save the data for offline use and save big on your international fees. Score!

Find hashtags apropos to your journey

Along with geotags, you should explore hashtags that are popular in your destination. Let’s say you’re going to Paris. It’d be worthwhile to search for #eiffeltower and see all the different ways people have captured that famous landmark. What it might also do though, is show you all the different hashtags users are including along with #eiffeltower that are travel or destination related!

Pro tip ➡ open up your Notes app and capture some of those hashtags that you can later use when you are posting your own destination-centric photos on Instagram! Not only are you now sharing with your friends & family but sharing your amazing perspective within those communities.

Do you have any tips I missed? Leave a comment below! Bon Voyage!

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  1. Very informative post. Especially for all devoted instagramers to save them time on their way up to the Instagram Hall of Fame. Tip from me – to enhance your Asian followers make hashtags and photos of food and restaurants wherever you go. Trust me on this one…

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Alexander!

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