Seattle Birthday Vibes

I thought last year’s birthday celebrations were amazing but this year has kind of topped the cake… at least for now!

Seattle, baby.

Picture this. We were sitting at SMF back in March, as we were getting ready to fly down to LAX for our Japan trip, and find that Southwest released a slew of super cheap flights. So naturally, and because we’re crazy, we booked about 3 different trips… yes, all while sitting at the airport ?… and Seattle was one of them!

A few nights prior to the trip I noticed one of my favorite bands, Nada Surf, was playing at the Neptune Theater so I immediately bought tickets. Like, zero hesitation. I’ve loved this band since their first album came out in 1996! So I totally started tearing up as soon as we walked in and heard Matthew singing. You have no idea. AND THEN. And then, we got to meet Matthew after the show and take photos with him & get his autograph on our tickets. I was totally fangirl-ing, no shame in my game. I was all sweaty and gross, my makeup was smudged, but I didn’t care. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I slept so well that night. So happy to cross yet another band off my “Must See Live” wishlist… only a couple more remain! Happy Birthday to me! 💜

On top of this awesome show, we got to eat some amazing food, do a bit of sightseeing and all in some incredibly gorgeous Seattle weather. The sun was out! I love these little weekend getaways. They totally help recharge my soul especially with the crazy season of work I’m in. And I was super excited to stumble upon Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Pikes Market. The very best ginger beer I’ve ever had in my life. And they have a tasting room on site where you can try every single variation of ginger beer (like Caramelized Pineapple Ginger Beer or White Peach or Cucumber Tarragon…the list goes on… oh my!) and even better, you can order a boozy Moscow Mule with their ginger beer! Fantastic.

Before I go…

Tell me, what band(s) or artist(s) are on your “Must See Live” wishlist?

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