I have the strangest dreams sometimes. I woke up today thinking about Spain. Maybe it’s because we’re wanderlusting over our next adventure, or I’m just so busy at work I’m dreaming of getaways to help this busy time go by, but I just miss exploring.

So of course I had to go digging through my 2010 and 2014 trips to Spain to satisfy my travel bug. I shot both trips with my Nikon with basic Photoshop tweaks, but now that my photography style has changed, again, I thought it’d be fun to go through and re-edit some of my shots & see what I can come up with. I’m in love with Mastin Labs film emulsions right now but I never get sick of my own custom preset & PS actions that I’ve created. They give my photos a really nice, creamy look and now I kind of just want to go through all my photos and re-edit everything. Do you ever feel that way?

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