What I’m Working on Wednesday

Confession: keeping up with this every week is sort of difficult! Granted I have plenty going on that warrants an update but actually setting the time aside to create the post and ensure a photo is taken as well is quite the commitment!

After coming back from our trip to Vegas (which was amazing by the way! Look for a post coming soon), work is extremely busy this week.

I have four launches and all of them fall on Thursday. This is a rare occurrence. Normally I’d have one site launch but to have four, and all on the same day, is quite the load. So I’m pretty much heads down on those 4 items to ensure they deploy successfully.

Tonight I’m going out with two of my girlfriends for happy hour & paint-nite experience. I’m really looking forward to some quality time with these ladies.

I also have to go Cupertino (aka the mother ship) on Thursday night and will be in meetings literally all day Friday.

Lots to do so I better get back to it! Enjoy your hump day 🙂

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