What I’m Working on Wednesday

What am I working on today, you may ask? Packing my bag because we’re going to Vegas for the next 5 days! Although this is our 4th trip to Vegas this year alone, we are not gambling addicts. We are foodies, and the restaurant game there is strooooong (we’re going to hit this place up for the second time, it was THAT GOOD). Give me a Prix Fixe menu and I will devour it (not literally)!

We’re also going to see one of our favorite bands play a set poolside (Above & Beyond) and then we’re going to hit up a few shows and possibly visit The Mob Museum (I’ve heard great things! Have you been? Leave a comment below with your experience!). And finally, as you can see in my photo above, I am definitely looking forward to reading on my iPad while I wear my bikini and soak up some sun. Much needed with the weird weather we’ve had here in Sacramento, lately.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? No Outside Lands music festival for us, this year, we’re definitely looking forward to getting out of the state and satisfying our wanderlust.

Until next time!

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