What I’m Working on Wednesday

Today I’m working on queuing up some photos to post on Instagram and securing a few collaborations that were in a “pending” status. I read an article about people that partner up with brands (like Tocca, above) and as influencers can target a broader reach of consumers. I think this is a fascinating and legit method of advertising for brands and companies, they don’t have to spend a lot of budget on their side and an influencer can remotely partner up with brands they may not normally be able to reach.

Are there any wishlist brands you’d love to work with? Try sending them an email or direct message via Instagram or Facebook and see what happens! You never know unless you try 😉

On my professional career front, today I have a few conference calls and a client that is in user acceptance testing on a project we’ve been working on for a few months now. I’m excited to wrap this one up, it’s been one of those stragglers I’ve mentioned in the past.

I’m also working on custom documentation for another client to prep in advance of the training session I’m going to offer them. The site we built for them is pretty complex so they’ll need a user guide of sorts. A lot of people hate speaking in crowds or talking with strangers but I kind of enjoy it! I consider myself an “extroverted introvert” so after these sorts of interactions I definitely need some unplug time.

See you next week!

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