What I’m Working on Wednesday

Not every day is going to be sunshine & puffy clouds. Today I’ve just been swamped with work and when that happens, the fun side of my life has to be put on hold in order to get things done. Therefore, there was no “What I’m doing Wednesday” post this morning. You’re getting it now.

Here’s a recap of what’s happened thus far and then let you know what I’m up to later today.

  • I have been playing email tag with two different clients on issues that are in their court at the moment. Incredibly frustrating but understandable at the same time.
  • I’ve also been trapped in a text message circle all morning with a friend. It’s hard to be there for someone and help them when you’re struggling with your own #RealLife issues but I’m doing the best I can to be there for her.
  • I put up a post on Instagram¬†about the Sacratomato Festival I’ll be attending this Saturday. Will I see you there? (P.S. check out my cute heirloom tomato on my desk!)
  • I still have photos to edit from the Display California #GoodxDisplay event last Friday. I’m my own worst critic; I think most of my photos came out like crap but I’m hoping to salvage at least one or two. I’ll have to go over to the Tower Bridge on my own one day soon to get some sunset shots.

What are your plans the rest of this week?

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